Humble bun pamphlet

Presentation for the Humble bun’s pamphlet.
On the time I worked on this project I decided to show 3 different versions.
Here are the samples:

Simple version
This version, as the name suggests, is simple and clean. All the pages have a white frame and the background is a picture of Tokyo. I chose typical and strong images of Tokyo in order to give the sense of the colorful life of this metropolis and how the design could be connected with it. The text is in a white box which is mixed, same with the white frame, with elements in the pictures. The result is a dynamic “fake 3D” effect who guide the viewer to the different layers of the composition.

Pop version
For this version I created a classic pop image half contemporary, half from the 80s. Colorful, with dots elements and diagonal lines at 45 degrees. Strong black lines to contrast the colors and white square boxes for the text which remind the “manga” culture.

Stylish version
The purpose of this version (especially for the cover) is to be “eye catchy”. The viewers have to think: I want it! I’ll take one! So, for the cover a very impact and colorful image on black background, a stylish text on it. Inside the same style. A cool font for the title and the same design, alternated with pictures such as “a graphic designer desk” or “the office view”.